Subscription setup and FAQs for Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Premium, Netflix

How to subscribe to Apple Music

Common Apple Music Issues on Android

• Apple Music library won’t download on Android (can’t download library or song)

• Downloaded playlist not playing (can’t play offline)

• Apple Music keeps stopping after a track

• The Apple Music app crashes for no reason.

• Songs stop playing randomly in the middle or beginning of a track.

• Apple Music will not play the following songs and glitches.

How to fix:

1. Update the Android system of your Android phones, make sure your Android phone like Samsung, LG or Huawei is running Android 4.3 or above. These older Android phones running Android 4.2 or below are not compatible with the Apple Music for Android app.

2. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Apple Music app for Android, if not, please update it first.

3. Sign in/out the app with Apple ID, or uninstall and reinstall the Apple Music app.

4. Clearing the cache. If your Apple Music app is not working properly on your Android device, you can clear the app’s cache to fix the problem and improve app performance: Launch Settings > Apps and notifications > Apple Music > Storage > Clear cache.

Clearing the cache will not delete offline songs, settings, account information, etc. saved by your Apple Music app.

Clear Apple Music Cache

5. One simple solution is to turn on/off Airplane Mode. Go to settings to turn on airplane mode. Wait a few seconds and turn off airplane mode.

6. Try to close other apps running on your device and use only the Apple Music app and see how it works.

7. If the above methods don’t work, you can try restarting your phone.

How to fix:

1. Relaunch the Apple Music app on your iPhone.

2. Uninstall and reinstall the Apple Music app on your device.

3. Force quit the Apple Music app and restart your iPhone.

4. Sign out of your Apple ID, reboot your phone, then sign in again.

5. Turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone and turn it off after 1-2 minutes.

6. Make sure your iPhone has enough storage space for Apple Music and save new Apple Music tracks.

7. Restore your iPhone to default settings if none of the above methods help.

“Apple Music item is not available”, “This item cannot be played”, and “Apple Music songs are greyed out” are common problems reported by most Apple Music users. There are various reasons that can cause this issue, such as you are not connected to iCloud Music Library, the song is not available in your country or region, changes have been made to the artist’s album or playlist, etc.

How to fix:

1. Turn off iCloud Music Library and then turn it back on.

If you are using an iOS device, select Settings > “Music” > “iCloud Music Library” and set this option to “OFF”.

Wait a few minutes and then turn on iCloud Music Library. After that, you need to re-upload the music to your library.

2. Sign out of your Apple ID and take a breath again.

• iOS user: go to Settings > iTunes & App Store» > click Apple ID > click Breathe > wait 1-2 minutes and then login again.

• iTunes User: Go to Account > “Sign Out” and wait a few minutes and then sign back in using your Apple ID.

3. Deauthorize and re-authorize your computer.

4. Change the country to the original country where you purchased the music.

As we mentioned above, some songs are only available in certain countries. If you find that Apple Music items are not available after changing the country or region, you need to change the country back to the original one.

Step 1: Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store» > click on your Apple ID > select View Apple ID.

Step 2: Select Country/Region > “Change country or region” and then select the original country.

Change country

5. Delete the items you can’t play and re-download songs from the Apple Music catalog. This solution works for both iOS users and iTunes users.

Some users get stuck on “Loading Library” and “Downloading Playlist” in My Music after iOS update and the library won’t load no matter how long they wait. If you have the same issue on your iPhone, fix it with the solutions below.

How to fix:

1. Shut down your iPhone and restart it. For some users, this problem is solved by rebooting their devices.

2. Disconnect the network from your iPhone and connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular network (or turn airplane mode on and off).

Another problem that drives users crazy is “Apple Music songs download won’t play offline”. You have downloaded some songs from Apple Music and they play well when the internet is available. But if you turn off Wi-Fi or cellular data, those songs won’t play at all. Sound familiar to you? If so, try the possible solutions here.

How to fix:

1. Sign out of Apple Music and sign back in.

This is the most commonly used solution to fix downloaded songs not playing offline. But you need to re-download already downloaded music for offline playback when you sign back into Apple Music.

2. Clear app data or reset all settings on your phone.

3. Try another Apple Music Downloader.

If the downloaded Apple Music songs won’t play no matter what you do, you can use another tool – TuneFab Apple Music Converter to re-download the songs for offline listening. TuneFab Apple Music Converter can download and convert Apple Music tracks to high quality MP3/AAC/M4A. After conversion, you can put all downloaded songs on any device for offline playback.

To restore access, you must pay for an Apple Music subscription and go through the activation process again.

You can add other users in your personal account for an additional fee. You can add any number of users.

You can find out the expiration date of the subscription in your personal account on the site.

Managing Your Youtube Premium Subscription

When you activate a YouTube Premium subscription, you can view all available content without ads, and also get access to download videos and listen to music in the background.

Send a connection request from the site’s personal account.

How to use Spotify Premium subscription

You can find out the expiration date of your Spotify subscription in your personal account on the site.

To renew your subscription to the Spotify service, you need to pay for the subscription in your personal account by clicking the “Renew” button.

Setting up a Netflix Premium subscription

To watch movies on Netflix, any phone, tablet, TV with Smart TV, computer or laptop, as well as game consoles, is suitable. Use the app or watch series on the official website.