Netflix Premium Subscription

нетфликс семейная совместная на русском сколько стоит
  • Affordable prices for monthly and annual subscriptions
  • Unique content
  • High quality video – Ultra HD or 4K
  • Unlimited browsing without ads
  • Intelligent Cinematch recommendation algorithm
  • Access anywhere in the world
  • Continuous addition of new products
  • The best series are collected on one site
  • Movies and series in Russian from any device
  • Series come out in full seasons – no need to wait for the next episode
  • Download your favorite movies to watch offline
  • Suitable for phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, and PS and Xbox
NETFLIX Premium 4K+HDR 1 months price
1 months
NETFLIX Premium 4K+HDR 3 months price
3 months
NETFLIX Premium 4K+HDR 6 months price
6 months
NETFLIX Premium 4K+HDR 12 months price
12 months

A Netflix Premium subscription is a great opportunity to enjoy an interesting series or movie at a convenient time and without interruption for advertising. Cult films that are not in the public domain. The subscription price is per user.