Apple Music Family Membership is the best and most affordable option!

семейный доступ apple music

Have you dreamed of having unlimited access to a large amount of your favorite music? Would you like to easily create your own playlists, be able to listen to the album of your favorite artist in full or be among the first to rate the latest tracks?
These features and more are available in Apple Music! There are about 60 million songs collected here! You can listen to them both online, because. is a streaming service, and offline, by downloading the most favorite songs to your device.

Access cost.

You might think that such a high-quality service cannot be cheap for users, but we will surprise you!
If individual access will cost subscribers 200 UAH/month, then through our family subscription you will receive all the privileges of this service from 83 UAH/month.

What about security?

Despite the fact that access is called “family”, each participant is reliably protected from third-party access to personal data, no one from the family can view any information about him, including location data, media files, contacts, etc. This is only possible with the standard the procedure for “sharing” by the participant of their data to a specific member of the “family” of Apple.

Which device is suitable?

You can connect family access to Apple Music on any smartphone, both on IOS and Android, on a Windows computer or on a Mac, on an Apple Watch.

Let’s calculate the benefits?

Having received family access through our service, you will receive:

  • Unlimited access to one of the largest library of over 60 million songs;
  • The ability to listen to music online and offline;
  • The ability to create an unlimited number of your own playlists;
  • Constantly updated and up-to-date recommendations based on your interests;
  • Access to playlists of friends who have shared them;
  • Using an official service with many features at a minimal cost.

Ready to get access to the best Apple Music library for a month for the price of a cup of coffee? Forward!